‘Ipswich’s Medieval Churches and their Hidden Stories – including that of the Town’s Dissenters’

Thursday 12th January 2023 at 7pm, with light refreshments. All are welcome. Free admission.

John Warren will sketch a brief history of the upheavals in Suffolk religions and the power of the state in the period from the Dissolution to the founding of the Unitarian Meeting House. John Field will give a history of the town’s 12 medieval churches.

Unitarian Meeting House, Friars St. Ipswich, Suffolk. Pulpit. (photos: Patricia Payne, Historic England)

This talk is preceded by the first Annual General Meeting of the Friends of the Ipswich Unitarian Meeting House.

We would be especially interested in hearing from anyone who loves our wonderful building, and/or Ipswich’s history and would be willing to share their skills, even if they prefer not to be on the Committee. We are a very friendly group of volunteers but need some more help!

Please contact Acting Chair, Tessa Forsdike via tessa@tessajordan.co.uk

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